About Natosha


I have been a licensed cosmetologist for almost 13 years now, most of this time I had been doing hair. But I decided that it was time to take my career in a different direction and this is when I found my love for eyelashes. I have never felt so passionate about any other aspect of my career as I do now. I eat, sleep, breath eyelashes, and want to continue to learn and grow in this part of the industry. I am NovaLash Certified in Classic and Advanced American volume and I'm internationally trained in Russian mega volume. 

Studio 4 |Salon Suites

I own Studio I own Studio 4 |Salon Suites in Davison Michigan this is not your traditional salon. We have four studio style salon suites within our building. Each tenant is their own boss and is allowed to run their business as they choose. I have been in the business for over a decade now and have experienced everything from being a commission stylist and both rental employee to owning a traditional salon. After a lot of trial and error I wanted to set up a space where suite owners are in charge of their destiny and allow them to flourish in the industry with out micromanaging. This concept gives suite owners a chance to do things their own way.  

Our mission is to offer high-end services and extraordinary client satisfaction. We would like to make each guest leave feeling beautiful and appreciated. With out our clients we have no success. Studio 4 consists of a group of highly trained professionals dedicated to providing each and every one of our clients with incredible, outstanding and extraordinary service. In short, we are service obsessed. Each member of our team is a vital link to our client service chain.